Chaim Frish: An Extraordinary Story of Determination, Courage,
and Hope for a Positive Economic Future

In August 2023, our own Chaim Frish sat down with Raphael and Ran from the DDoS Developers community, to share his personal story on their podcast series - High Tech, Hasidic, and Everything in Between (in Hebrew). We invite you to listen to the full episode on your favorite Podcasting platform.

In his early years, Chaim Frish’s life seemed predetermined, following the conventional path of the closed Satmar Hasidic sect of his upbringing. His formal education began in Heder and continued through high school, studying only Jewish studies. Yiddish was his mother tongue, his Hebrew skills were poor, and anything secular was foreign. Chaim was married by 19 and became the father of three in rapid succession. 

Now, at 25, Chaim is a Full Stack Developer at C2A Security, integrating his career in hi-tech with his life in the Satmar community, showcasing remarkable determination and courage.

The turning point arose amid the challenges of COVID-19, when Chaim was placed on unpaid leave from his job at a Jerusalem printing company. This setback, however, paved the way for a new opportunity.

Reigniting his childhood curiosity, especially for technology, Chaim stumbled upon an online software development course and seized the opportunity. Despite limited knowledge, he obtained a computer and started the course, intending to apply his skills within the Satmar community. Yet, after a year of study, achieving top grades, and graduating with honors, Chaim found himself prepared to venture into the hi-tech world.

The job search, challenging for any entry-level developer, posed additional hurdles for Chaim as a Satmar Hasid, requiring greater resourcefulness. Despite seeking guidance about a professional LinkedIn presence and sending out countless resumes, he encountered repeated rejection. Undeterred, Chaim took bold steps, appearing on a radio program and creating a video clip titled “Give me a chance” for an online job search platform. The video reached C2A, which, although seeking an experienced developer, offered him a Q&A opportunity. A year later, he was promoted to a developer position.

Addressing the social dynamics at C2A, Chaim notes a workplace culture rooted in mutual respect. He shares, “Ultimately, despite spanning the religious and political spectrum, we see each other as humans and have fostered genuine friendships, transcending any preconceived notions or differences.”

Looking ahead, Chaim foresees a significant increase in the presence of Haredim in hi-tech. Many organizations provide training and job placement assistance, and the analytical skills acquired in yeshiva are advantageous.

Chaim’s advice to those from similar backgrounds: “Enter the professional arena confidently, unapologetic about your religious background. Competence outweighs differences, so invest time in quality projects and an excellent LinkedIn profile. Be resourceful, have courage, stick to your goal, and don’t give up!”

Chaim’s story inspires hope, showcasing the potential for individuals uniting from opposite extremes to reshape the mainstream and drive fundamental, mutually beneficial change.

Chaim's episode (50min, in Hebrew) is available on your favorite Podcasting platform.