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Industry Discussion: Opening Communication Across the Automotive Supply Chain

OEMs face huge challenges when coordinating cybersecurity efforts across the entire supply chain. Join C2A Security and experts from Lear Corporation, HARMAN, Zenzic, Auto-ISAC and ISO/SAE 21434 to hear where they stand on this issue, how this will dovetail with the industry-wide adoption of ISO 21434 standards, and to discuss what the new standard should look like for supply chain cybersecurity communication.

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Automotive cybersecurity risk assessment 101

Explore how a comprehensive risk assessment should be performed, what are the basic requirements for a successful risk assessment process, and its main pillars: asset identification, vulnerability analysis, threat scenario, risk determination, and treatment.

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Cybersecurity standardization: from attack vectors to functional safety requirements

C2A’s VP R&D, Issak Davidovitch explores cybersecurity risks as a safety issue in light of the new ISO 21434 standard, clarifying how different attack vectors and scenarios are translated into functional safety analysis and grading. He will describe the alignment of safety and security requirements vis-a-vis a variety of use cases that are relevant to today’s automotive industry.

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