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Proudly curated by Dr. Daniel Moskovich.

  • Microsoft introduces Bing Deep Search. LLM-powered search engine, that expands the context of a user’s search query, or conversely drills in. Currently in beta, but demos look impressive.
  • PyCharm Professional adds AI Assistant to use generative AI to complete your code. I’ve been using this, and I’m impressed. It will complete a whole function off its name, write docstrings and whole lines (or multiple lines) of code for you, and so on. It’s far from being perfect, yet good enough to be very useful.
  • Midjourney V6 has been released. I’m still not a fan, seems like we’ve got a long long way to go.
  • GitHub has opened Copilot Chat. I haven’t tried this, but it’s meant to allow you to chat with code the way usual LLM’s let you chat with plain text or with json files.
  • NYT is suing OpenAI over the use of its content for training LLMs.
  • Google‘s Gemini continues to underperform

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