Jerusalem, Israel, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, March 2024 – VinCSS Cyber Security Services Joint Stock Company today announced its joint project with C2A Security, a leading Israeli automotive cybersecurity solution provider. VinCSS unveiled its plan to embark on a comprehensive Proof of Concept (PoC) that incorporates C2A Security’s automated risk management platform, EVSec, into its security platform, promising significant advancements in automating compliance and security within the automotive industry.

This initiative by these two cybersecurity pioneers is driven by the rapidly evolving automotive industry landscape, which faces a multitude of cybersecurity risks. In their relentless pursuit of innovation and collaboration, VinCSS continuously seeks breakthrough innovations and valuable opportunities to partner with leading global security partners, like C2A Security. The ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive, automated, and secure solution ensuring connected vehicles meet stringent international market standards and regulations.

C2A Security’s EVSec is a risk-driven product security platform, which aids in identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating security vulnerabilities and potential risks throughout the product lifecycle, from development to operations and back to development.

“The comprehensive Proof of Concept (PoC) with C2A Security’s solution reaffirms VinCSS’s ultimate goal of ensuring the highest standards of security, risk management, and cybersecurity compliance for connected vehicles. We believe this integration will be a milestone in product cybersecurity automation and vulnerability management, aiming to better comply with UN Regulation No. 155, ISO/SAE 21434 standards, among others,” said Nguyen Trung Tin, Director of Automotive Cybersecurity at VinCSS.

“Over the past five years, VinCSS, through continuous research and development efforts to consolidate our position in the cybersecurity industry, has actively pursued opportunities to collaborate with preeminent international partners to enhance our security solutions and capabilities. Together, we are working towards a secure and sustainable digital environment,” Mr. Nguyen stated. “As automotive markets become increasingly stringent with regulations such as UN R155, R156, and China’s GB standards, we’re seeing an increasing demand among automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers for the most advanced cybersecurity solutions. I believe that C2A Security’s automated risk management technology, combined with VinCSS’s extensive expertise and experience, will lead to numerous future successes,” said Mr. Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security.

About VinCSS

Established in 2018, VinCSS is a pioneering technology startup in the cybersecurity industry, specializing in FIDO2 passwordless authentication, IT/IoT/OT security, and automotive cybersecurity.

Automotive cybersecurity is at the core of the company’s offerings. VinCSS provides cybersecurity assessment and evaluation services based on international regulations, penetration testing, and develops robust security frameworks, all implemented by an internationally accredited team of experts.

Recently, VinCSS supported an EV maker in achieving UN R155 and R156 certifications for four car models in an impressively short time of under 18 months. Website:

About C2A Security

C2A Security is the only risk-driven DevSecOps Platform vendor that addresses the specific needs of car makers, Tier 1 suppliers, and mobility companies. Founded in 2016, C2A Security transforms cybersecurity from a company-wide limitation to a business value multiplier through advanced security automation and compliance to shorten software release times and decrease costs. Our vision is to turn product security into a seamless, automated, and transparent process, reducing time to deployment and costs of managing automotive software products and resources. C2A Security’s customers and technology partners include top-tier global players including BMW Group, Siemens, Valeo, ThunderSoft, Marelli, NTT Data, and Evvo Labs, among others. C2A Security was founded by NDS/Cisco veteran Michael Dick, with its global headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel. Website: