The software-defined vehicle (SDV) era has transformed the way the automotive industry develops ‘products’ – spanning from ECUs, chips, SoCs, and vehicles. At the same time, with the increasing need to comply with existing and new regulations and standards, and to allow developers to focus on creating innovative products and features, the industry must take a new approach to managing software and security at scale.

C2A Security DevSecOps lifecycle

In this free webinar hosted by C2A Security, we’ll bring together experts from Daimler Truck AG, Deloitte, and ASRG to share best practices around product security and risk management. Specifically, we’ll focus on the Live Risk methodology, to utilize risk-driven decision-making and analytics to optimize product security, development, and operations at scale, of software-defined products.

Meet our expert security leaders:

Joachim Bozler, Sr. Security Expert, Daimler Truck AG

John Heldreth, Founder, ASRG

Julian Munster, Cyber Strategy Manager, Deloitte


Gilad Bandel, VP Cybersecurity, C2A Security


The expert panel discussion with security leaders from Daimler Truck, Deloitte, and ASRG is free to attend, yet requires registration.