The 7 revelations from CES 2024 show how AI will revolutionize goods and services through automation, improved functionality, and simplified compliance. The goal of these advancements, which include Volkswagen’s use of powerful language models and Mercedes’ in-car chatbot, is to improve user experiences through AI-powered interactions.

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, artificial intelligence (AI) was the main attraction. Leading businesses from a variety of industries showcased how they are using AI to improve their goods and services.  This post covers the top 7 AI revelations from CES 2024 that offer a glimpse into the AI-driven future in a variety of industries, including business solutions, home appliances, transportation, and more.

1. Mercedes-Benz’s ChatGPT Beta Program

A beta program to test ChatGPT AI technology in automobile infotainment systems was announced by Mercedes-Benz at CES 2024. This set action anticipates a move towards software-driven innovation in the automotive sector.

Image: A photo of a Mercedes application update referencing ChatGPT (Credits: Reddit)

Mercedes is reorganizing its IT systems, dealership operations, and manufacturing processes to enable quick software updates and prioritize the incorporation of digital features and software into cars.

2. BMW Paired Up With Amazon For Its Alexa LLM

BMW unveiled an upgraded version of its in-car personal assistant that incorporates the latest Alexa large language model (LLM) from Amazon. With voice commands, this system can change drive modes and provide complex answers to questions about the vehicle.

Image: A photo of a BMW interface (Credits: GeekWire)

By replacing traditional manuals with intelligent, conversational assistance, the technology seeks to improve the user experience. In cars running BMW Operating System 9, BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant—which is driven by Amazon’s Alexa Custom Assistant technology—is scheduled to launch this year.

3. Volkswagen Integrates ChatGPT Into Its Vehicles

Volkswagen revealed at CES 2024 that ChatGPT will be incorporated into their vehicles, including SUVs. They’re utilizing an OpenAI LLM along with Cerence’s Chat Pro product. Starting in the second quarter of this year, the feature will be offered in Europe on models such as the ID.7, ID.4, ID.5, ID.3, Tiguan, Passat, and Golf.

Image: A photo of Volkswagen cars including a new camouflage feature (Credits: Volkswagen)

With the help of hands-free assistance, the ChatGPT functionality is intended to improve conversational interaction and offer vehicle-specific information, thereby enhancing the driving experience.

4. The Smart Pillow That Uses AI To You From Snoring

DeRucci unveiled what they describe as the first intelligent pillow designed to prevent snoring. DeRucci’s new line of sleep health technologies includes this smart pillow and a smart mattress, intelligent voice control panels, curtain tracks, and AI sleep monitoring. The smart pillow detects even the smallest movement that could be a sign of snoring.

Image: A photo of DeRucci’s mattress concept (Credits: CNET)

To lessen snoring and possibly lower the risk of sleep apnea, it detects snoring and modifies the loft and the sleeper’s head position. Users can manually adjust their head position before sleep by pairing the pillow with a remote control and app. The manufacturer claims that the pillow can reduce snoring by up to 89% based on an internal clinical study.

5. Sensory Unveils Automotive AI Platform At CES 2024

Sensory unveiled an AI automotive platform that combines modern voice and vision technologies. With its embedded AI solution, user-vehicle interaction will be revolutionized, and driving safety will be improved for automotive applications.

Image: A photo of Sensory (Credits: audioXpress)

The platform includes voice and facial AI technologies, offering features like speech-to-text, driver focus tracking, and drowsiness detection. Sensory’s dedication to on-device processing offers a personalized and responsive user experience by addressing privacy concerns and guaranteeing data security.

6. Intel Drives ‘AI Everywhere’ Into Automotive Market

Intel made an announcement at CES 2024 about its plan to incorporate AI into the automotive industry. This includes launching new software-defined vehicle SoCs with AI enhancements and purchasing Silicon Mobility SAS for sophisticated EV energy management.

Image: A photo of Intel at CES 2024 (Credits: AnandTech)

The goal of these advancements is to facilitate in-car AI applications such as passenger and driver monitoring. To offer scalable, effective, and sustainable solutions, Intel’s approach prioritizes a whole-vehicle strategy to ease the industry’s transition to EVs and software-defined architectures.

7. Yarbo’s Yard Robot, A Snow and Clearing Marvel

Yarbo is a multipurpose yard robot that premiered at CES 2024. With its AI-enhanced features and creative design, Yarbo is transforming yard care. Numerous features are available for this advanced robot, such as leaf blowing, snow removal, lawn mowing, and even security patrol.

Image: A photo of the robots (Credits: Yarbo)

Yarbo offers an easy and effective way to maintain your outdoor areas with its intelligent capabilities and modular attachments. Yarbo’s Snow Blower S1 Plus attachment is one of its most notable features. This attachment is particularly useful when there is a lot of snowfall because it is made specifically to handle drifts up to 16 inches high.

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